Dad’s Day


outline-28723_640Unconditional love. Every time I think of my dad, those are the first words that pop in my head. Although he’s been gone a long while, I still feel it to this day.

When I started writing my new novel, one of the characters loses her father when she’s still in high school. The pain of losing him is hidden away until it comes bursting to the surface one day. I couldn’t let her be in total pain so I gave her the gift of unconditional love. She remembers and misses his love, knowing she may never have it again in her life.

So if you’re a parent, ask yourself. Do I give unconditional love to my child? Or do I have underlying motives attached? I think every child deserves unconditional love. It’s the greatest gift you can give.

So as Father’s Day draws near it becomes a good time to ask ourselves again if we are doing that. Don’t blame someone if you didn’t get it from your parents or anyone else in your life. Break the mold. Be the first.

Give that love to your children…unconditionally


3 thoughts on “Dad’s Day

  1. When my dad came home from work (FBI), all the neighborhood kids always went home. My dad was an intimidating presence. My 5 siblings and I grew up shaking in his shadow. Today, I enjoy his company. Some of my sibs, harbor some ill will ‘remembering’ his toughness. I don’t hold any resentment – he reared us in the way he thought best. As a parent of 2 wonderful teens, I better understand my father’s worries and I hope my children understand mine in the same way.
    AnnMarie 🙂

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